Price List – Valid until April 2018


LadiesYoungstarStylistSenior StylistDirector
Cut & Blow£13.00£24.00£29.00£35.00
Cut & Blow – restyle£16.00£29.00£34.00£40.00
Wash & Cut£11.00£19.00£22.00£24.00
Dry Cut£9.00£16.00£19.00£21.00
Dry Cut – Restyle£11.00£19.00£22.00£24.00
Wash & Blow£9.00£16.00£19.00£21.00
Wash & Blow – Shoulder£11.00£19.00£22.00£24.00
Wash & Blow – Long£12.00£22.00£27.00£30.00
Wash & Blow – X Long/ Curly/ Extensions£13.00£24.00£28.00£31.00
Hair Up – From£12.00£22.00£26.00£30.00
Hair Tonged£12.00£22.00£26.00£30.00
Foils ¼ Head£15.00£28.00£33.00£39.00
Foils ½ Head£18.00£33.00£39.00£44.00
Foils Full Head£25.00£47.00£54.00£62.00
Cap Lites£15.00£28.00£33.00£39.00
Ombre & TonerN/A£47.00£54.00£62.00
Balayage & TonerN/A£64.00£72.00£80.00
Root Tint£12.00£21.00£24.00£28.00
Full Head Colour – Short£11.00£19.00£33.00£39.00
Full Head Colour – Shoulder£17.00£32.00£35.00£41.00
Full Head Colour – Long£18.00£36.00£40.00£44.00
Semi Permanent – Short£8.00£13.00£17.00£22.00
Semi Permanent – Shoulder10.00£17.00£22.00£27.00
Semi Permanent – Long£13.00£24.00£28.00£32.00
Perming – From£15.00£27.00£34.00£39.00
Children up to 16 years30% Off (we cannot apply colour to scalp of anyone under 16)
Over 60’s Discount30% Off all prices on a Monday & Tuesday
 Colour Thursdays30% Off Colour with full price cut & blow
 Students30% Off Mondays,Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Blow 2 Go £10 – Blow 2 Go Curly £15 – Up Do 2 Go £20 – Ring on day – No choice of stylist – Limited availability – Not with hair extensions


14 thoughts on “Price List – Valid until April 2018

  1. Jane

    How much do you charge for half head of foils with trim please – its my first time at your shop, so dont know if you have any special offers.
    I previously have hair highlighted with tint / bleech (I think they have used) My hair is just above shoulders. I live on Withens Lane, so could pop in possibly one evening for a chat?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. iain Post author

      Hi Jane. It’s difficult to give pricing on Internet as we would need to see your hair first especially on a first visit. Please call and book a free consultation and we will do all we can to help xx 01516380411

  2. Diane


    Just enquiring do you still do yuko hair straightening and what different hair styles can be done for someone with mid length hair with a round face ? Thinking of changing my hair style but not sure what the best look for me would be look forward to hearing from you soon

    Diane 🙂

    1. iain Post author

      Hi Diane. If you could call the salon and book in for a free consultation we could have a look at your hair to see how we can help you best 01516380411 xx

    1. iain Post author

      Hi Emily. All enquiries for pricing must be done by calling the salon on 015163411

  3. Diane

    Is your £50 sunday beauty trestments with a cut and blow dry and 3 treatments on a Sunday always on or is it just this weekend and are they always the same categories ?

  4. ashley

    Hi looking to have my half head foils redone, just wondering how much it would be and whether you have any special offers on at the moment, thanks

    1. iain Post author

      hi ashley. all enquiries are dealt with by reception staff. if you could please call the salon on 01516380411 they will be happy to help you with anything you need xxx

  5. Zena

    Hi I’ve never been to your salon but a friend told me about you I’ve not had anything done to my hair in over a year but I’m going on holiday on Thursday so looking to see if I can get it looking nice I’m wondering how much is would cost for a full colour good cut and blow? My hair is long a curly and patchy due to old colours growing out

    1. iain Post author

      hi zena. we would have to have you in for a skin test and consultation as soon as possible – so that we can get you done by Thursday. please call the salon tomorrow on 01516380411 to book your consultation and from there we can give you some idea on pricing xxx

  6. Sharon

    Hi, do you still do great lengths hair? How many days in advance do I have to book for hair to arrive? I have great lengths hair extensions in at present , do you have any offers? X

    1. iain Post author

      hi Sharon – im afraid we don’t do great lengths hair extensions. we are an approved racoon salon but to be honest the price of the bigger name suppliers have soared over the last few years and taken them out of most peoples price range. we have developed our own system over the last few years and are happy that the quality of the hair and bonding is every bit as good as either RACOON OR GREAT LENGTHS.
      If you are interested please feel free to give the salon a call and have a chat with me (IAIN) or leave your number for me to call back 01516380411

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