Terms and Conditions

Salon-M, Deposits and Pre Payment

At Salon-M hairdressers on the Wirral we like to be a bit different, a bit rebellious and have a lot of giggles.  It’s what makes our Wallasey hairdressing salon such a vibrant, fun place to be.  Therefore we’re really sorry that we’re about to get all serious with some terms and conditions.   As we are a small independent business we hope you understand that the terms and conditions are here to protect us and to protect you too!

Deposits protect us as a business but they also ensure that our valued clients keep up to date with their haircare regime.  You’re less likely to miss an appointment if you’ve paid a deposit and so therefore we’re helping make sure you continue to look and feel amazing!

Deposits and Pre-Payment at Salon-M

Deposits and pre payment can be taken over the phone by card or in person at Salon-M.

Hair Colour Services – £20 non refundable deposit

Late Deals – Full payment required at time of booking a Late Deal.  Late deals are limited and appointments cannot be rescheduled once the late deal has expired.

Why does Salon-M take deposits?

1. We understand and appreciate the busy stresses and strains of modern life which has led to a rise in the number of no-shows at our salon.  Every no show is a double loss to our business; we lose your hair appointment and in not knowing whether you’re going to turn up, we lose the chance to fill that appointment and help make someone else look and feel fabulous.

2. Keeping up to date with the very latest hair and beauty products, technology and techniques is a constant investment for a forward thinking, innovative salon like Salon-M.  The time and money spent on consistent on-going training for our talented team is a price worth paying when we see our valued clients benefit from our signature stunning services.

3. We’re worth it – honest!