Foot Treatments at Mac and Mohawk

Foot Treatments at Mac & Mohawk Beauty Salon, Wallasey


It’s not just the summer months that require our feet to be fantastic. With the trend for open toed shoes a real all year round fashion, make sure foot treatments from our hair and beauty salon in Wallasey become a staple part of your beauty regime.  But before we think about exposing our feet in said open toed shoes, we have to think about getting our feet and toes to look as good as possible.  Here are some foot treatments we offer at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey that will do just this.


Toenail File and Polish £11

A simple toenail file and polish service at Mac & Mohawk starts with some TLC.  Toenails are cut and filed, cuticles are pushed back and trimmed and then the most exciting nail product on the market is applied.  You’ve heard of Shellac?  The two week nail polish?  Well CND, the manufacturers of Shellac gel polish have launched Vinylux; a once a week nail polish that uses no base coat and a top coat that is truly revolutionary.  The Vinylux top coat requires no UV/LED light exposure to set – it strengthens thanks to natural UV light! You can wear it like a regular nail varnish so if you like to match your nail colour to your outfits then this is the nail polish for you!


Nail Art Wraps £19

Extend fashion to your toes with Nail art wraps.  Nail art wraps for toes are polymer sheets with different designs on that are applied like stickers and are moulded to the nails to create metallic shiny nail art. No need to bring flip flops to the salon as there is zero dry time.  It is an alternative to polish and lasts up to 4 weeks on the toes. These gorgeous designs are extremely hard wearing an unaffected by swimming making them ideal for holidays.

Another great advantage about nail art wraps is that they can also be applied to fingernails for a totally matching look!


CND Shellac £19

Shellac gel toes is one of the best, most popular foot treatments on the market.  This is a power polish that sets under a UV light leaving a high gloss finish that is completely dry at the end of the treatment and lasts about 4-6 weeks on the toes. Say goodbye to smudge marks and sock prints, say hello to high gloss long lasting colour that does not dull!  Glitter and pigment powders can be used with Shellac, enabling you to have rockstar toes or ombre effect nails.

For more on nail services in Wallasey, take a look at our nail services at Mac & Mohawk.

swarovski toes after

Swarovski Crystals £55.00

For the ultimate sparkle, how about Swarovski crystal toes? For this ultimate luxury treatment between 300 and 500 genuine Swarovski crystals are individually applied to the nails and set into a gel that lasts for weeks.

This is a stunning, eye catching design for any occasion but a particularly good choice for brides who not only want show stopping toe nails for their wedding day, but the Swarovski pedicure will see you through the beachy honeymoon too.

Feet and Orchid

Pedicure £22

The Mac & Mohawk pedicure uses luxury Kaeso pedicure professional products.  The feet are first soaked in a citrus foot spa then rough skin is filed and exfoliated using a lime and ginger scrub to rid the feet of dry skin and stimulate the skin. Toenails are trimmed and filed and cuticle work is carried out.  A banana and peppermint mask is applied to soften the skin and a foot and leg massage is performed using a mandarin and mint yoghurt lotion to rid aching and swelling. The pedicure treatment is finished by the toe nails being painted with CND Vinylux polish.

callus peel before and after

Callus Peel from £16.50

Are you wondering how to get rid of dry cracked heels? Then this callus peel foot treatment will remove a build up of dry cracked skin on the heels instantly. Callus peel softening pads are applied to the heels and balls of the feet which contain AHA acids (usually used in chemical peel) that break down the bonds that hold dry damaged skin to the feet enabling us to just peel away callus. The callus treatment is then finished with a relaxing foot massage using a skin softening cream.

This callus peel treatment can also be done as a full pedicure that includes a foot soak, nail and cuticle work and toe nails polished with CND Vinylux polish for £27.50

Foot Care at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey

With so many foot treatments on offer, it really is time to treat those feet.  Book in for your next pedicure, callus peel or toenail treatment at our hairdressing salon in Wallasey, 1 Zig Zag Road, Wallasey, Wirral.

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