Hair Loss Solutions – Hair Mesh Integration

Hair Loss Clinic at Salon-M Hair Salon in Wallasey, The Wirral

Hair Loss Clinic at Salon-M Hair Salon in Wallasey, The Wirral

Here at Salon-M Hair Loss Clinic in Wallasey, The Wirral, we understand that alopecia, thinning hair, bald patches or hair loss caused by an illness can be distressing and upsetting and have a massive effect on your life and self-confidence.

We provide solutions for a number of common hair loss problems no matter if you’re losing a little hair around the crown and want to add volume and length or have suffered hair loss due to an illness. We can even use Hair Mesh Integration to treat hair that has been damaged or where breakage has occurred due to an incorrect hair colouring service.  

Our skilled hair loss specialists are with you every step of the way to give specialist information and advice. We offer online consultations with a certified Consultant Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Scientist), they will happily discuss your hair loss issues before deciding on the best individual treatment plan for your hair and scalp to help you regain some normalcy. The hair loss experts at Salon-M will also offer top tips and suggest the best products to use at home to keep your new locks looking tip top.

Our hair loss clinic runs weekly in our hair salon on The Wirral, however, home visits can be arranged if needed. 

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Solve Fine Hair Problems With Ultrastrands Mesh Integration

UltraStrands are the lightest hair system in the UK created to give instant volume fine to thinning hair. Designed to give you natural looking hair, the results are incredible! Hair is attached to an incredibly fine mesh one strand at a time so there is no need for a bulky net and an unnatural topper. Your natural hair is pulled through the mesh and integrates with your own hair so that it’s hardly noticeable, extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.

You can wash, colour and treat your hair whilst wearing an Ultrastrands mesh. Better yet, they are available in a variety of custom colours, lengths and textures. Call us now for a consultation, (please note consultations are £50 however are refundable against any ultrastrands service).

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments - What Is Mesh Hair Integration?

This amazing revolutionary hair loss treatment known as Mesh Hair Integration is a treatment to disguise hair loss. Your skilled Salon-M stylist blends your existing hair with false hair using an ultra-fine mesh shaped to perfectly suit you. The mesh is secured to your head and hair can be styled however you choose.

Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

Hair Loss Clinic at Salon-M Hair Salon in Wallasey, The WirralFor many men & women it can be a crushing blow and extremely distressing when they suffer hair loss as a side effect of having cancer treatment. Everybody adapts to hair loss in their own way, but for some, it can be a truly devastating experience. Hair loss is a very visible side effect of cancer treatment, it can affect our self-esteem and sense of identity.

Following chemotherapy, hair loss commonly begins within two to three weeks. Hair loss affects body and facial hair including eyebrows and eyelashes. However, hair loss is in most cases a temporary side effect of the treatment, so hair will start to grow back after chemotherapy is over or even towards the end of your cancer treatment.

At our top Liverpool hair loss clinic, we can help during this distressing time, it is quite common that when hair grows back after chemotherapy it may feel different from your hair before treatment, there may be a change in the texture and shape of your hair. The hair experts at Salon – M advise a consultation where they can advise the best Hair Mesh Integration treatment plan - tailored to suit your personal needs.

Mesh Hair Integration For Common Hair Loss & Scalp Condition at Top Wallasey Hair Loss Clinic

The hair loss clinic at Salon -M in Wallasey, provides solutions for women, children and transgender clients who are suffering from fine or thinning hair, bald patches, scalp conditions and hair loss due to illness. The most common hair loss condition we can help with include:

  • Alopecia
  • Alopecia female pattern baldness 
  • Alopecia Areata 
  • Alopecia Totalis 
  • Alopecia Universalis 
  • Alopecia Ophiasis
  • Traumatic Alopecia 
  • Trichotillomania (Hair pulling)
  • Telogen Effluvium 
  • Anagen Effluvium 
  • Children’s hair loss 

Can I Have Hair Extensions at Salon-M Instead of The Mesh Integration System?

We get a lot of clients visiting our hair loss clinic in Wallasey asking if we can fit extensions into the top of the scalp to disguise thinning hair which isn’t always possible. Using this method on thin or fine hair may cause damage and the health and condition of your hair are paramount to us here at Salon-M.

Mesh integrations allow us to tackle this exact problem by creating full, lustrous locks that you are sure to love.  

Will Anyone Be Able To See My Hair Mesh?

We have the skills, knowledge and experience at Salon-m to ensure that your mesh is fitted correctly to create a snug feel that looks completely natural. The mesh is fitted to your scalp before synthetic or real hair is applied over the top. Whether you have a low side parting or part your hair down the middle you will not be able to see the mesh.

Who Are The Hair Loss Specialists Near Me?

At Salon -M hair loss clinic, The Wirral, Liverpool our team of experts specialise in treating common hair loss conditions for men women and children.

They will suggest the most appropriate hair loss solutions for you and can help you to achieve a natural look that will leave you looking and feeling more confident. We will also teach you how to best take care of your new style and suggest the most appropriate products and styling tools to ensure your new look always looks on point.

Book in for a complimentary consultation with our hair loss experts at Salon-M hair salon in Wallasey, The Wirral by calling us on 0151 638 0411. By prior arrangement, we can even travel to your home to carry out consultations and treatments to minimise distress if you are self-conscious about how you look.