Inoar – Moroccan Blow Dry

Inoar – Moroccan (keratin) Blow Dry….

….is very rich in Jojoba Oil, wheat Germ, Panthenol, White Clay, Cocoa Butter, Hydrolyzed Keratin and KEM3 Complex. Its active agents leave the hair smooth and shiny. It is very suitable for medium and fine hair. Also, it is compatible with any chemically treated hair.

Whilst very similar in application to a Brazilian Blow Dry, this Moroccan Keratin Treatment has been giving us the best results we have seen in a few years. As with previous keratin smoothing treatments, this Moroccan type can last up to 3 months in the hair if looked after correctly. It gives long lasting shine and manageability as well as  fantastic Frizz Free Hair.

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