2014 Hairstyle Trends

Hair Style and Hair Cut Trend Predictions from Mac & Mohawk, Hairdressers in Wallasey

It’s that time of year again, Donna’s took her decorations down by Boxing Day, Amy’s planning her diet starting Monday (and will fail by Tuesday), Iain’s on a beach sunning himself, Voirrey and Poppy are in spray tan overdrive and everyone’s talking about the hair trend predictions for 2014.

Short hairstyle trends for 2014

Softer edges will feature in 2014 short hairstyles. Gone are the days of the short, blunt fringe. Think curved lines and softer edges for perfect 2014 short hairstyles. Don’t forget, if you are opting for the chop then ensure you book regular maintenance appointments at Mac and Mohawk hairdressers in Wallasey to keep your short hairstyle looking on trend and in optimum condition.

2014 hair colour predictions

Amy says “I want more people to have vibrant hair colours!” (as she sits here sporting her flash of purple through her side swept fringe). “It makes people feel more colourful and puts them in a better mood when the weather is so dark and dreary outside”. Brighter blonde hair colours also help lift those of us suffering from the winter blues and Donna suggests “flashes of brighter blonde applied with the balayage technique” can look stunning for a perfect 2014 hair colour trend.


Straight hair trend in 2014

Poker straight hair is BACK and it looks like it will be here to stay for this 2014 hair trend. If you don’t have naturally straight and sleek hair then fret not! At Mac and Mohawk hairdressers in Wallasey we are specialist hairdressers fully trained and experienced in delivering the sleekest, straightest hair via our Brazilian Blow Dry and Yuko Straightening treatments. The Brazilian Blow Dry at Mac & Mohawk in Wallasey is perfect for those with frizzy hair looking for a sleek treatment that will inject keratin protein into the hair for a shiny, strong and sleek finish. The Brazilian Blow Dry at Mac and Mohawk lasts up to three months for a frizz free finish. For a more permanent straight hair style, Yuko hair straightening available at Mac and Mohawk, Wallasey is a beautiful permanent straightening technique that will ensure you’re on trend when it comes to hairstyles in 2014.

Bun hair trend 2014

Forget your average bun ring hair style, 2014 hair trends featuring buns will require height, braids and super sophisticated styling. Effortless bun hairstyles are perfect for unpredictable weather situations as the style tends to hold and last. We predict the bun hair trend will continue and be especially popular during the winter, cooler months as we move into spring.

Men’s hair trends in 2014

As the largest barbers and specialist men’s hairdressers in Wallasey, at Mac and Mohawk we cater for all types of men, all ages and all personal styles. Our dedicated and talented team of specialist barbers and men’s hairdressers deliver fantastic styling to our male clients day in day out. Fuss free short, back and side hairstyles remain popular men’s hair trends in 2014. At Mac & Mohawk Wallasey, we’ve noticed the rise in popularity of perms for men. With the sides taken in exceptionally short, the long hair is permed and sits atop the head for the perfect curly men’s hairstyle for 2014. If you’re looking for a hairdressers that perm men’s hair in Wirral, call our barber team for more details to chat through your styling and perming options on 0151 638 0411.

Beauty trends in 2014 – The Shrinking Violet Wrap!

New year always equals a quest to discover a new you. If you haven’t yet discovered the fat busting power of the Shrinking Violet body wrap then now is the perfect time! This hour long treatment aims to rid the body of unwanted fat cells using the lipolysis process. After the Shrinking Violet oil is applied to the body, you are wrapped in professional heat inducing wrap and you will relax on a heated bed whilst the treatment works its magic. You’re guaranteed inch loss and the best thing is this body wrap treatment carries on working for up to 72 hours after application! Click here for more details on the Shrinking Violet Wrap available at Mac and Mohawk, Wallasey.

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