The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Discover which hairstyles suit your face shape with Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey

Whether you have a long, oval, square or round face shape, check out our Hair Salon in Wallasey’s guide to hairstyles to suit face shapes. Did you know that whatever your face shape, there are many specific hair cuts, hairstyles and fringes to flatter your face shape.

Hairstyles For Round Face Shapes

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The key to a good hairstyle for a round face shape is playing down the roundness of the face. Hair up styles are great for round face shapes.  Adding height like Adele to lengthen the face works well along with keeping the sides tighter to really elongate the face. Adele has opted for a high backcombed beehive upstyle and softens her hairstyle for a round face shape with a wavy fringe.  This hairstyle is both retro and glamorous on Adele and a perfect hairstyle for round faces.

Opting for very short hairstyles when you have a round face shape is a no go.  Shorter hair on a round face shape will highlight the roundness of the face even more.  If you would like to trim your locks shorter but you’re worried about the hairstyle for your round face shape, then take inspiration from Kelly Clarkson’s long graduated bob.  This shorter hairstyle still works well for round face shapes – tapering hair at the back and leaving the front slightly longer really elongates the face making her face appear narrower and slimmer.  

The best hair length for round faces is long hair and you can always recreate this with hair extensions available at Mac & Mohawk.  Longer hair on a rounder face shape will naturally make the face appear longer and thinner.  Mila Kunis opts for curly long brown hair here adding body and movement to her long hair style.  The addition of the off centre parting really softens her hairstyle for a round face shape.

Hair Cuts & Styles For Long Face Shapes

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Long face shapes need a hairstyle with width and body for a look that is more in proportion.  Charlize Theron has finished her shorter hairstyle with lots of body and large waves.  This widens the hair, making her face appear more in proportion.

If you have a long face shape, you may be advised on avoiding longer hairstyles, however Kate Beckinsale here is the exception to the rule and Kate’s long face looks amazing with long straight hair. Kate’s blunt straight fringe is a must-have when recreating this hairstyle, especially if you also have a long face.  Kate’s fringe cuts off the top of her face, making it appear shorter and smaller in length.  Fringes can hide a long forehead and therefore are great for long face shapes.

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s slicked back, tight upstyle looks amazing on the style icon and breaks all of the rules when it comes to long face shapes and upstyles.  Sarah Jessica Parker tricks us into believing she has the perfect face shape by wearing her tight upstyle low and wide creating the illusion of a face shape that is more in proportion.

For more on hairstyle services in Wallasey, take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles at Mac and Mohawk for inspiration.

Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes

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If you have an oval face shape count yourself lucky as this is the most versatile face shape there is.  Jennifer Aniston’s must have hairstyle is one of the most iconic sought after hair cuts and her trademark long textured hair is always a winner for oval face shapes.  Accentuate the cheekbones and chin with long layers, creating the best, most flattering hairstyle for an oval face shape.

Katherine Heigl has opted for a deep side parting with a loose bun to the opposite side, balancing out her oval face shape. Katherine’s kept the proportion of her hairstyle to her face in height and width which is key to the oval face shape. Going too high or too wide with your hairstyle will make your face appear out of proportion.

Rihanna’s short back and sides hairstyle shows off her perfect bone structure and her perfect face shape.  Adding lots of length on top of her short hairstyle coupled with her swept fringe softens this potentially ‘hard’ haircut and also keeps her style versatile.

Haircuts For Square Face Shapes

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Make your face appear longer and less square by ensuring the body of the hair is kept to a minimum, if your hair is longer than your ears.  Gwyneth Paltrow here keeps her hair thin to make the face appear longer and avoids her hair looking too ‘boxy’.  Gwyneth’s centre parting and plenty of layers keeps her hair looking tousled and her jaw looking less square.

Keira Knightley’s square face shape is softened thanks to her short hair in a bob.  Plenty of body courtesy of her waves has ensured this hairstyle remains casual looking and contrasts against Keira’s sharp face shape.

Square face shapes benefit from upstyles like Olivia Wilde’s centre-parted chignon.  Olivia’s casual yet classy upstyle is loose and curly – very flattering for her square face shape.

Fringes to Compliment Face Shapes

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Whether you have a long, oval, square or round face shape, there is a fringe to suit you!

Alexa Chung’s graduated peek-a-boo fringe compliments her mid-length ombre coloured hair perfectly. The peek-a-boo fringe will suit square and long face shapes best.

The casual side swept fringe as displayed by Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence here is easily blended into her hairstyle making it very versatile.  A swept fringe will soften and flatter square and round face shapes.  

Taylor Swift’s blunt straight fringe is the most dramatic fringe and will update and add drama to a long hair style. The blunt fringe looks great on long and oval face shapes, cutting the length of the face and making the face seem more in proportion.

Hair Cuts to Compliment Your Face Shape at Mac & Mohawk

So you’ve now discovered which is the best hair cut and style for you and your individual face shape.  Would you like to recreate the perfect haircut professionally?  Allow Mac & Mohawk’s creative and dedicated stylists at our Wirral Hairdressers to advise and guide you through the perfect hair cut and style for you as an individual.  Book your next hair appointment at Mac & Mohawk and compliment your face shape with our help and advice.