Bright Hair Colour, Hair Chalks and Rock My Vi.

Well we said we would do it, and here it is.
Our first ever PIMP MY VI.
rock band kiss gene simmons

BRIGHT HAIR COLOUR – can be for anybody.

For those of you who dont know – Vi is one of our regulars. She’s fabulous and fun and all the girls in the salon love our Vi. Please bear in mind that even with her PURPLE Bright Hair Colour she is in her seventies – that will give you some idea of what a fun GAL Vi really is.)

colorsmash hair chalk dip-dye ombre balayage
The beautiful and talented mrs Vi Ripley.
Why PIMP MY VI??????
We have a new product  to give anybody temporary Bright Hair Colour which is a HAIR CHALK called colorsmash – which is part of the new Ombre Balayage and Dip-Dye hair fashion. After applying some lovely purple Bright Hair Colour to Vi’s hair – the stylist doing it said “Ive just PIMPED MY VI” (taken from the hit satellite tv show PIMP MY RIDE). We posted this onto our facebookpage and the response was amazing. Vi was overcome by people stopping her in the street and telling her she was a facebook celebrity and how good her amazing new Bright Hair Colour looked.
After chatting about it in the salon and at one of our staff meeting we thought it would be great fun if we could make it a regular feature and PIMP MY VI was born.

For our first venture into the world of PIMPING we decided upon the theme ROCK MY VI.

rock band kiss gene simmons
The tranformation “LETS ROCK”

We tried to think of somebody that you would instantly recognise from the world of kerrang and rock. We could have gone with Alice Cooper but we thought of somebody even more AWESOME.

The rock band KISS were massive in the late 70’s and early 80’s and Gene Simmons is probably the one we remember best due to his recent hit tv reality show FAMILY JEWELS.

ANYWAY enough about that star and back to our very own VI RIPLEY.
Yes THE TALENTED MRS RIPLEY as always up for a good laugh came up trumps and when I saw her I nearly collapsed giggling. VI was more than willing to give up her purple Bright Hair Colour in favour of a less than flattering Frizzy black wig.

Way to go VI.

Special thanks as alway to the wonderful LillyVon Pink (alias leanne) as always for contibuting with the fabulous make up.

SO any suggestions for our next PIMP MY VI??????

Would you like to see our Vi in any other bright hair colour?

We will be transmorphing our fabulous VI again in January and we need a theme. Here are some our ideas:-

Punk my VI
Goth my VI
Lady VI malade
50 shades of VI
Sci fi my VI
Superfly VI

Can you think of anything hilarious for us to PIMP UP next.rock band kiss gene simmons

Please post your suggestions and we will announce our next theme soon.

Till then. Keeeeeeeep PIMPING XXXXX.

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