Elumen Hair Colour

Have you heard about Elumen Hair Colour…grey-elumen

Are you wondering if it’s true – that it is a less damaging hair colour alternative. It claims to last like a permanent dye, but be as undamaging as a temporary colour. So how does it work?

There are essentially three factors on which to judge a hair colouring product: its degree of permanence, the degree of damage it causes to the hair and the range of shades it provides.

Permanent hair colour

On one hand, you have permanent hair colours (also known as oxidative hair colours) which work the “best” because they give you the longest lasting colour with the greatest range of shades (even allowing you to go from dark shades to lighter shades via bleaching.) However, permanent colouring also causes the most damage because the process swells the hair shaft which disrupts the protein structure of hair.

Temporary hair colour

Secondly, you have temporary colours that merely stain the outside of the hair shaft. These cause little if any damage, but they don’t last very long and they only allow you to add colour on top of the hair colour you already have. (So it’s impossible to turn yourself into a blonde using temporary colours.)

Elumen hair colour

Elumen hair colour is not an “Oxidative colourant”. It uses positive and negative charges within the hair shaft, to bind it to the hair. It is a low pH system so it will not swell the hair shaft. The best use of this we have found so far is the use of their virtually permanent super bright hair colour in Pinks, Purples and Blues etc. Of course, you can’t lighten your hair shade with Elumen.





Elumen – Wash and Treat 

Available to buy at Salon-M
Available to buy at Salon-M

Specially formulated colour maintenance shampoo and conditioner for hair coloured with Elumen. Its mild formula gently cleanses hair and protects colour intensity and brilliance. Take your brighter than bright colour even further for as little as £14.94 for the wash and £14.95 for the treat, today in Salon-M


We asked one of our regulars, what they thought

Customers photo of her newly coloured hair with Elumen
Customers photo of her newly coloured hair with Elumen

“I’ve used all kinds of semi-permanent colour. I like to go bright and I’ve always had to top up my colour between hair appointments. I’ve had the turquoise Elumen now for 1 month and it’s only just recently showed any signs of fading, even without the shampoo that accompanies it.

I wash my hair at least every other day as I’m a fitness instructor so I always have sweaty hair, I thought after 1 or 2 washes I would start to see some fading but the colour is still really strong and very very shiny. It seems to have made no damage to my hair at all which I’m grateful off after the years of abuse I’ve put my hair through.”






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