Hair Extensions for 2016

hair extensions for 2015Hair Extensions for 2016

Hair Extensions have Grown massively in popularity in recent years. There are so many methods for fitting hair extensions that it can be quite mind boggling.

Here are the methods that we use here at Salon-M and hopefully we can shed some light on what methods can work for you, whatever your hair type or however much you can afford. Hair extensions can be fitted from £40 for 1/2 head Micro ring weft, right up to nearly £1000 for a full head of individual Keratin/Fusion bonded Russian hair.

Sew in Extensions

Sew in Hair Extensions have been the most popular method on the market for many years. These are a great value option for wearing hair extensions with fitting for only £65 here at Salon-M. Although these are a great option for a lot of people one thing to bear in mind is the maintenance, as they need to be checked by your technician at least every 6-8 weeks and can be quite time consuming. Some people might also find that they are too sensitive to wear these types of extensions as they can be quite tight in the first few weeks of fitting, to make sure that they are secure.

They still remain the most popular choice.

Micro Ring Extensions

Micro ring extensions are fast becoming the biggest rival to the Sew in Method of fitting Hair extensions. There are 3 ways of fitting hair extensions with micro rings.malasian weave

Firstly is the Malaysian Weave (Micro Ring Weft Method). This method uses the natural hair to capture a weft of extension hair and hold it close to the scalp. There are several reasons for this methods popularity. The speed of fitting – Micro rings are very fast and easy to secure on the first visit – usually under 1 hour, with the added advantage that they can be tightened 6-8 weeks after fitting. This tightening only usually takes around half an hour and when removing, a micro ring weft can be released in literally minutes. £65 full head.

The other attractive benefit of the Malaysian weave is how flat they lie to the scalp in comparison to the more bulky Sew in method

Secondly is the LA Weave. This technique uses a row of micro rings to sew a weft of hair onto. No Cornrows or braiding. No tight plaits or sore scalp. This is also becoming a popular method of fitting Hair extensions. £65 full head.

Thirdly Is Micro ring individual extensions (I-tip /Stick Tip). This is a luxury method which involves individual bonds attached to the hair rather than on a weft, using micro rings. This method takes a lot more time and therefore costs a lot more as does the hair itself. These extensions look very natural. All individually bonded extensions give this natural finish. See Fusion Extensions later in this article.  From £200 Half head.

Nano Ring Extensions

Nano Rings are the new kids on the block. These tiny rings are fitted pretty much in the same way as micro rings but the sections are much smaller and there are many more of them. These extensions are particularly good for finer hair types. There are 2 ways to fit these which are similar to micro ring fitting methods.

Nano Ring Malaysian Weave is the same fitting method as micro rings above but the weft lies even closer to the scalp due to the small size of the Nano Rings. This method is a bit more expensive as it takes longer than micro rings due to the small size of the rings. £90 Full head.

Nano Ring Individual Extensions are similar to I-tip with micro rings but the rings are obviously way smaller and as with any other individual method they appear very natural. From £200 Half head.

Fusion / Bonded Hair Extensionsbonded extnsions

We have been masters of this type of extension fitting for 15 years. This is again a luxury fitting technique but probably one of the most natural looking. They look amazing but they cost a lot and take between 4-5 hours to do for a full set. Each individual bond is colour matched to the hair that it is being applied to so that you would never know that it wasn’t your own hair. Simply stunning. £400 Full head.

Tape Extensions

This is a much more temporary way of extending your hair. Small sections of hair are glued into your hair using a temporary tape which can last from a few days to several weeks. Easy to remove – they are great for a special occasion such as a wedding or an engagement. Prices from £65.

Whatever your choice you can be guaranteed that from consultation to re-fit or removal you will be totally happy with your extensions and love your glamorous new look…