Mens Hairstyles – Disconnected undercuts

Mens Hairstyles — Disconnected undercuts

Disconnected undercuts are the most popular variation of the classic undercut hairstyle.

We’re really loving this look lately, It’s really smart while still on trend, it’s versatile so we can get creative, it’s something that stands out from the crowd, and we really dig that here at Salon-M.

You’re probably asking yourself what makes these different than a normal undercut? That’s simple, it’s disconnected! No, no one’s about to dismember you, it means the sides of the hair are short and the important part, all one size. This means there’s a huge contrast between the top and the sides, creating a disconnected look. Below we have selected a few disconnected looks we really like, take a look


This is the type of style that you can have as a subtle difference or take to an extreme and have an alternative look


This one is by Amy at Salon-M