TIGI Bed Head – Matte separation wax

TIGI Bed Head — Matte separation wax

This month our favourite unisex hair styling product is TIGI Bed Head – Matte separation wax 


TIGI Bed Head matte separation wax is used by both men and women and is one of our stylists’ favourite products.

Amy says  
“I like this product because it’s a dry styling product, meaning you put it on dry hair and it doesn’t look or feel greasy in the hair. Ideal for adding texture and style to men’s short hairstyles and ladies shorter or textured hairstyles. I use this product as often as possible and had my own at home when I had a shorter hairstyle myself.”

We asked one of our female customers what they think of TIGI Bed Head matte separation wax and how they use it. 

Lizzie says “I use TIGI Bed Head matte separation wax on my freshly “blasted dry” hair to create a wavy beachy look, a little like Drew Barrymore’s signature look. I have a natural wave but the wax coaxes my wave out a little more and because it is matte it doesn’t make it look greasy or shiny, giving me that fresh from the beach look. I gently scrunch a very small amount, having rubbed it into my hands a little, upwards towards my roots but leave the roots so that it falls naturally. The thing that I love most about it, is that if I need a bit of a restyle throughout the day if say for example it’s a windy day, then all I need to do is scrunch it up a little and I’m back to freshly styled hair!” 





If you’d like to give TIGI Bed Head Matte separation wax a shot you can purchase it in Salon-M for only £14.95