Meet Tasha – representing Wirral in Miss Junior Teen GB

Meet Tasha — representing Wirral in Miss Junior Teen GB

Meet Tasha – representing Wirral in Miss Junior Teen GB

Tasha is a lovely local girl who is a contestant in Miss Junior Teen World, we spoke to her recently while she was visiting Salon-M and asked her about her experience so far.

Tasha's recent natural shoot

Tasha’s recent natural shoot

Tell us about yourself Tasha

Well I’m really just a normal 15-year-old girl that’s been very lucky to have had some amazing opportunities. In the future, I’m hoping to do some more modelling work and pageants but I’d like to become a primary school teacher. My school may not be the best on the Wirral but it’s helped me to have had some great experiences, I’m currently on the LJMU dream, plan, achieve program that’s helping me get a better idea of what life is like once school is over, I’ve also recently been on a residential with Liverpool University. My friends would describe me as a confident, outgoing girl who is 15 with the mindset of a 25-year-old. I’m currently signed with a modelling agency and I’m in the finals for a few local competitions and pageants so I’m quite lucky to have these opportunities. I’ve always been taught that you get what you give, so this is a rule that I live by. I’m a massive believer in natural beauty, everybody has their own great qualities and I think people should show these off as much as they can. All my life I have never been that into heels, hair and makeup so doing pageants is really unusual for me to be doing, I never thought I’d enjoy the buzz of the trying on dresses and looking pretty. I love helping people so Miss junior Teen is a great opportunity to get support with charity organisations.

How did you get involved with Miss Junior Teen GB?

Everything all kind of came at once really with Miss Junior Teen GB, I visited the clothes show live in Birmingham and Holly the director of Miss Teen GB spoke to me about some pageants she was involved in so maybe this is where the whole pageant idea started for me but I genuinely can’t remember entering the Miss Junior Teen GB but I’m so glad I did. After getting my confirmation to say I had been offered to come down to the studios of my modelling agency for a shoot I started I researching pageants and I think I must have come across Miss Junior Teen and entered on a whim. I’m so glad I did as it’s an amazing competition that offers so much to get involved with. After a few weeks I received an email, this said that I was now in the semi-finals and that I had done great to get this far so I was absolutely made up, at no point did I think I would get through to the finals to represent The Wirral!

How does the charity work and who does it benefit?

Once you have been accepted as a semi-finalist an information pack is sent in the post giving more information about the competition. As a part of this, the letter talks about how Miss Junior Teen GB focuses on not just having pretty faces but getting out into the community and getting your hands dirty. Everyone is asked to raise some money for a charity. Their chosen charity is ‘Together for Short lives’ and last year £27000 was raised for this as well as other charities. In the finals other awards are given as well as the title of Miss Junior Teen GB – this includes an award for the girl that has raised the most money for charity. The competition is very supportive with fundraising events offering as much as they can to help. Once the sponsorship has been fully paid a sash with the place youre representing comes through in the post and you can make official appearances as a finalist at charity events which often leads to more money being raised.

How are you raising money for ‘Together for Short lives’?

So far I’ve done a lot for various charities rather than sticking with the one. Obviously, once I have the sash through I can start to make official appearances as a finalist and do some bigger events. So far I’ve been involved in organising and taking part in a charity bag pack, I’ve also done smaller events like charity walks along the prom with primary schools and a sponsored dog walk which helped get people out the house and inspired them to see different parts of The Wirral. I’ve also completed the race for life with my year at my school where the money we raised was well over the target. A few close friends and I are also planning to get involved with more events like the race for life as we really enjoyed that one. For the charity ‘together for short lives’ I’ve been selling things on eBay which is a great way to recycle things while making money and that’s going great. I’d really like to do bag packing again and I’m looking into this as the money we raised in a short amount of time was phenomenal.

Tasha Miss junior teenWhat have you learned during your experience so far?

So far I’ve learnt a lot more about pageants and how they work but also how important charity is to people all over the world. Before Miss Junior Teen I’d not known much about it but now during my experience I’ve learnt that beauty isn’t just about looks it goes much deeper than that, everybody that I’ve come across during this experience has had the kindest words to say and it’s so nice to meet people that are so easy to get along with and that are genuinely happy for you. I’ve also learnt that having supportive friends and family are a big thing, all the girls I’ve spoken to have said they wouldn’t have been able to get as far as they have this competition without the help of their friends and family with the charity work and the encouragement.

Would you advise fellow teens to take part and do you have any pearls of wisdom from your personal experience?

I would advise all girls to take part, there are lots of different pageants for all ages. It’s an amazing experience and there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone. You don’t need to be the person with the highest self-confidence, Miss Junior Teen boosts it so much. Some girls will hear the word pageant and that will be it, it’s honestly so different to what people probably have in their head, they are all about boosting your self-confidence, making new friends and helping others. I would definitely encourage anyone that’s thinking about it to go and have a look there will definitely be one for you. From my personal experience I’d say that you’re always going to get people that are jealous or that maybe don’t want you to do well, everyone will come across these people during pageants and anything that includes one person doing well for themselves I’d say just ignore them, they are jealous for a reason, keep going and get as far as you can. I’d also say don’t lose your head, pageants can easily get you down or make you too big for your boots, if you don’t get far in one try again or enter a different one but don’t give up!

I’ve got a great circle of friends that are more than happy to help me, make sure you have people like this in your life too, it makes the experience that so much better knowing you have support behind you.

What do you plan to do after you’ve won Miss Junior teen GB?

Getting into the finals was massive for me so winning would be absolutely amazing. If I won I’d continue on with my charity fundraising. This would be a lot easier as just participating in the competition opens a lot of doors so winning would bring some fantastic opportunities. I’d also use the title to show people how pageants aren’t just about pretty faces but also how they are so helpful in boosting confidence not to mention the amount all the girls put it to make it as great as possible.

What can we all do now to help?

Remembering that, pageants aren’t just about pretty faces and that girls find these competitions so helpful. Also remembering how rewarding raising money for charity is any opportunity to do it helps a person in need. I’m also still looking for a sponsor for the competition so getting the word out for that would be great. Any local businesses the rewards of sponsoring are fantastic. Lastly, I would like to thank you for helping me get the word out about the misconceptions of pageants and enabling me to show what Miss Junior Teen is all about.

If you’d like to make a donation to ‘Together for Short lives’ in aid on Tasha please go to her just giving page

I’m sure you can agree with us Tasha is a lovely bright, inspirational girl and we at Salon-M wish her all the luck in the world