Ombre Hair Colour Reigns Supreme

Ombre Hair Colour Reigns Supreme

Ombre Hair – The Hot Hair Trend

Ombre hair or dip dyed hair has been high on the popularity list at Mac and Mohawk for well over a year now.  Ever since the likes of Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashlee Simpson started sporting their Ombregrown out roots‘ look in late 2010, the dip dye hair colour trend has been a hot topic.  Some call it lazy, some call it the perfect hair colour for the recession but in 2012 and as we move towards 2013 the Ombre hair colour trend has evolved making it a frontrunner once again in the style stakes for Spring/Summer 2013.


Ombre Dip-Dyed Hair – Then

When the Ombre hair trend first exploded onto the scene, the savvy Hollywood A-listers soon followed suit and it seemed every Hollywood girl worth her weight in Louboutins was showcasing their two toned dip-dyed locks on every red carpet.  This half brunette/half blonde style was seen on everyone from Kate Beckinsale to Victoria Beckham, Jessica Biel, Hilary Duff, Alexa Chung, to Whitney Port (we could go on, but you’d get bored!).

Ombre Hair Colour Reigns SupremeDrew Barrymore ombre hair dip dye hairalexa chung ombre hair

At our hair salon in Wallasey we started recreating the look almost immediately and we were inundated with requests to copy the Ombre dip dye hair colour.  We bleached, we darkened, we pioneered reverse or ‘upside-down’ Ombre colours with lighter tones at the roots and dark ends.  We even cheated our way to an Ombre hair colour by using lighter ombre hair extensions to add thickness and colour to the ends (a fantastic temporary option for those not sure about going for the Ombre hair colour trend permanently).

Ombre Dip-Dyed Hair – Now

So, as we steam ahead to 2013 even though we have been crazy busy with requests for Ombre dip-dyed hair for a long time, it seems the rest of the UK is only just cottoning on to what feels like hairdressing’s best kept secret – a low maintenance hair style for every fashion conscious recessionista!  The streets and magazines are awash with Ombre hair here, there and everywhere.  One thing we at Mac & Mohawk did with the Ombre trend from the very beginning seems to be the big Ombre hair trend hit with celebrities too – adding colour!  And by colour we don’t mean your natural blonde, brunette and red hues we mean all out BRIGHT vibrant colours of the rainbow.  Think chalky pinks, vibrant tangerine hues and even pastel green.  The colour options are limitless with rainbow Ombre hair and can really create a striking look that’s on trend, easy to maintain and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Ombre Hair Colour Reigns SupremeOmbre Hair Colour Reigns SupremeOmbre Hair Colour Reigns Supreme

Ombre Hair @ Mac & Mohawk

Fancy recreating the hottest hair trend since ‘The Rachel from Friends’ hairstyle? Then recreate it in the professional and experienced hands of our expert colour technicians at our Wirral Hairdressers.  Book in for your free consultation today and be dip-dyed, on trend with your Ombre hair before you know it!