Hair Care Guide during Pregnancy from Mac and Mohawk – Wallasey

During pregnancy there are many changes to your body due to fluctuating hormones, which is why it is important to spare a little time for yourself. You may be suffering with morning sickness or swollen ankles, these are two common reasons you may need a trip to our Wirral Hairdressing Salon for that ‘pick me up’ you so deserve to leave you feeling gorgeous!

The expert stylists at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing in Wallasey can give you all the help and advice you will need to give you great hair throughout your pregnancy.

Can I colour my hair when pregnant or breastfeeding?

The NHS say that most research into dyeing your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding generally shows that it is safe to colour your hair when pregnant. If you are thinking about colouring your hair while pregnant, consider waiting until after the 13th week of pregnancy. You could consider highlights or lowlights, or semi-permanent hair dyes rather than a full head of colour, as these treatments have less contact with your scalp and create fewer chemicals.

Look at what the NHS guidelines say about colouring your hair when pregnant by clicking here:

Pregnancy Hair Problems

Pregnancy brings you new challenges and this can include changes to your hair. Your straight hair may become curly or your curly hair may become straighter! The great news is that many women experience glossy, thick, luxurious hair during pregnancy. Your fluctuating hormones of course can play havoc with your hair and some women find that their hair texture changes, becoming unusually dry or even greasy, come and talk to the professionals at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing for advice, it may just be a case of changing to a different shampoo and conditioner!

Upon arrival of your baby some women experience hair loss, don’t panic as this is only temporary and once your oestrogen levels are back to normal so will your hair return to its former glory! Again come and speak to our professional stylists at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing for help and advice on hair care during pregnancy.

See the pictures below of the Duchess of Cambridge who experienced luxurious hair during pregnancy

Hairstyle ideas for pregnant women and new Mums

Is this the right time for a new hairstyle, you may think you need a quick and easy style to make life simpler once the baby arrives, but don’t forget your hormones are ‘all over the place’ so speak to your stylist at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing before you decide any drastic hairstyle change during pregnancy.

Low maintenance hairstyles are great for busy mums, you may need to rethink your styling. If your hair is long try it up in a ponytail or a plait, if your hair is naturally wavy just wash, scrunch and go! If you decide to go for a short hairstyle keep up with regular hair appointments at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing to maintain your healthy locks.

Take a little time for yourself to relax and be pampered, our beauty experts at Mac and Mohawk Hairdressing will help you feel rejuvenated and gorgeous with a facial. Pamper yourself with a manicure, or take the weight off your feet, relax and enjoy a pedicure, take a look at some foot treatments we offer at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey

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