Red Heads – The Ultimate Hair Colour Trend

Red Heads – Colour Trends for this year

It’s the year of the Red Head, with gorgeous stand out red hair colours seemingly everywhere and on just about everyone!

At Mac and Mohawk Hair Salon in Wallasey we love nothing more than looking forward to what the key hair trends are going to be for the year and red hair colours have been on our radar for some time.

Here we take a look at our pick of the best red hair colours :

Copper Red Hair Colours

Copper hair colours are timeless. They never go out of style because the range of versatile red colour tones and hues are so vast. Choosing to colour your hair copper, guarantees you a stunning and one-off multi-dimensional hair colour style, as you can pick from a multitude of colours (dark coppers, natural coppers etc) to suit your individual style. This is a style of red hair that also looks incredibly natural whilst still giving you a fantastic all over red hair colour.

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Orange and Tangerine Tones

This is an incredibly modern red hair colour which we are set to see a lot of in 2013. Using an all over tangerine/orange colour is one of the more subtle ways to colour your hair red. The thought of a tangerine hair colour may sound quite “out there” but this is a colour that can look very beautiful and very natural. This is a red hair colour that compliments paler skin and clear complexions wonderfully and gives skin a fantastic and natural glow.

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Red, red and more RED!

All over big, bold, bright red hair colours are also set to be red hot for 2013. These stand-out-from-the-crowd red hair colour styles are not for the faint-hearted but on the right individual they look amazing. These cherry and plum red hair colour styles are guaranteed to turn some heads so if you’re brave enough to go red, red, red, be ready to wear it very loud and very proud!

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Classic Strawberry Blonde

This is another timeless red hair colour style. Strawberry blonde hair colours look particularly stunning on skin that’s had a little bit of sun (or a smidgen of Fake Bake!) This is because the natural blonde tones within the red hair colour can make it look like your hair has been bleached in the sun, given it that gorgeous and highly sought-after natural sun-kissed hair colour.

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These sumptuous fiery red hair colours are an honorary salute to the classic ginger hair colour!  This is another daring red hair colour choice as these bold and bright red hair colours really jump out at you. We predict that these fire-red hair colours are going to be huge as we approach the summer so look out for these stand out colours that mix a variety of copper tones and blonde flecks to create the ultimate red hair colour style.

For more on hair colour services in Wallasey, take a look at our hair colour at Mac and Mohawk, we provide a diverse range of hair colour services for men, ladies professional hair colour and also fashion hair colours for teenagers and adults.

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