XFactor Hair Styles

Our favourite XFactor Hair styles so far…

Every week our Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines are awash with cries of “fix” and “Get Rylan out!” and “What IS Nicole saying this week” but whilst most people get involved in the politics of the show, we are too busy gawking at the hairstyles because we love love LOVE seeing how the fantastic XFactor Style Team headed up by the very talented (and no doubt busy and stressed) Jamie Stevens, transform the contestants each week and keep their look and style fresh.

As we write this, XFactor has a fair few weeks to go but so far these are the best XFactor hair styles we have loved:

1) XFactor – Ella Henderson’s Waterfall Braid


A photo of this caught our eye on instagram from the @XFactorStyle backstage team and immediately we were hooked!  Braids, plaits and weaves have been absolutely huge both on and off the catwalks in 2012 with the trend still one of our most popular requests at Mac & Mohawk.  Ella’s XFactor hair waterfall braid from the Saturday 10th November show did a great job of showcasing the braid trend to the masses and how a simple yet intricate style like this can transform a hairstyle into something so stunning.

2) XFactor – Jahmene’s Tramlines


Jahmene.  He has the voice of an absolute superstar but acts like a rabbit in the headlights.  Is it just us who wants to grab him, shake him and shout “GET A GRIP?!”.  Scared little puppy dog Jahmene’s look hasn’t changed too much and neither has his hair since his supermarket check out days however we loved the XFactor Style Team’s attempts at making him a bit more ‘street’ with his on-trend tramlines.  It kind of makes him a bit more edgy don’t you think?  And probably just what this boy needs to stay in the competition – an edge.

3) XFactor – Union J’s Variety of Hairstyles


Union J, the biggest threat to 1 Direction since Chlamydia.  They will probably storm their way right to the XFactor final thanks to their perfect boyband mix of a variety of XFactor hair styles.  There’s floppy, funky, quiffs and textured looks going on here which will have teenage girls chucking their knickers at them for months and months to come!

4) XFactor – Rylan’s Interchangeable Hair

It’s that long ago since the auditions but can you remember Rylan with his hair extensions?!!?!?

I know!  We’d forgotten about that too until we just googled a pic of him with blonde hair and remembered that this Essex diva turned up to his first audition in Racoon hair extensions (great brand!  We do those here)

Although a great brand of extensions, Jamie Stevens and the team took a hold of them, lobbed them out and replaced them with a slick, sharp peroxide cut.

Just like Tulisa though, Rylan can’t seem to make up his mind whether brunettes or blondes have more fun and seems to change his Xfactor hair every week.  Rylan love, it doesn’t matter what colour has more fun when you are around!  (Oh my did you see his Spice Girls medley?!? A-maze-ing!).


5) XFactor –  Jade’s Pink Hair Hue

Awww lovely Jade.  The Mum with dreams for a new life out of her high rise for her and her daughter.  We were gutted to see Jade go as 1) she was very talented 2) we wanted her to win her way out of that flat and 3) her XFactor hair really was very different every week.  We particularly loved Jade’s pink hair hue and extensions along with side braids.  Being a stockist of Directions vibrant and intense hair colours, we get to play about with all the colours of the rainbow on our lovely clients and we do say a big “bravo!” to those who are daring enough to experiment with bright colours.  Don’t worry if you’re a bit scared to go for the bright hues permanently, the Directions colours are semi permanent and a perfect choice for those wanting to give their hair some rich, energetic (but temporary) colour changes.


Recreate XFactor Hair at Mac & Mohawk

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