Perming, The Wirral at Salon-M Hairdressers, Wallasey

Perming services have come a long way in recent years with today seeing a new generation of perming techniques to achieve tousled waves and effortless soft beachy looks. We are delighted to be among a select few salons in Wallasey, The Wirral offering perms for men and women and can deliver beautiful relaxed curls and modern beach-style waves. 

A perm, also known as a permanent wave, is where curls, waves and volume are added to the hair permanently.  With care your perm will last approximately XXX months. this can vary depending on the length, type and wave in your hair.

We start your hair journey with a detailed consultation, finding out about your current hair care routine and what look you hope to achieve. Call us today on 0151 638 0411  to book a FREE hair consultation with one of our perming experts online.

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The Wirral

Modern Perming Techniques

We offer perms to add texture, perms to add body and movement to the hair as well as, spiral perms using XXX. Whether you wish to add body to fine, limp hair, or create loose sexy waves, our friendly professional team at Salon -M will advise you on the best perm for your hair and lifestyle!

Weave Wind: This gives your roots a lift and a kick rather than actual waves and curls.

Root Perms: A root perm will add lift to the roots of the hair, these perms are ideal for flat and short hair.

Body Wave Perms: Body wave perms are great for those who want curly hair, creating more volume and movement in your hair.

Beach Wave Perms: Marries straight and wavy textures to create sexy, tousled beach waves that are at the forefront of fashion and style.

Spiral Perms: A spiral perm will create curls with spring and bounce and your cascading curls can be sprung in various directions.

Texture Perms: A texture perm will add texture and soft waves to the hair for a modern, soft look.

Curly Hair Specialists On The Wirral

We have a team of experts who specialise in naturally curly and textured hair and understand that no two days are never the same with curls! The team at Salon-M recommends booking a complimentary hair consultation prior to your service. Here they can analyse your curls and devise a plan to get the result you desire. Bring along any pictures of when you have loved how your curly hair looked and also pictures of the times your curls, waves & kinks have not behaved themselves!

The Best Products For Curls, Waves & Textured Hair

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From professional hair care products which help create fashionable curly hairstyles, to shampoos and conditioners that help to define your curl and work with the natural movement & texture in the hair – we can help. If you are not sure which product is right for your hair type or concern, please get in touch, we will be happy to help you with your choice. You can also visit our online shop to view our wide range of products.

Hair Smoothing Treatments

If your naturally curly or textured hair is prone to frizz, or you want to reduce the amount of curl in your hair, then a professional hair straightening & smoothing treatment at Salon-M hair salon on The Wirral, may be just what you've been looking for. This is an effective permanent hair treatment that will smooth the hair, reduce frizz and add shine, making unruly locks more manageable. With 3 different versions to suit nearly all hair types, fighting the frizz has never been easier! This long-lasting blow-dry will give you healthy, strong, shiny hair that is both glossy and super soft. No matter if your hair is thin, damaged, curly, thick, or afro.

Often referred to as a ‘Brazilian blow dry’ or 'organic blow dry'  our revolutionary, high-performance smoothing hair treatment is suitable for all hair types and is great for people with naturally curly hair or thick hair that takes a long time to style.