Professional Hair Smoothing Treatments

Hair smoothing treatments at Salon – M Hair salon in Wallasey, The Wirral

Fed up with dry, frizzy hair?  

Longing for smooth, shiny, silky hair?

Looking for a good hair salon in Wallasey that specialises in professional hair smoothing treatments? At Salon-M, our team of hairstyling experts can deliver both permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening to transform your dry or damaged hair. Your locks will be left smoother, straighter and more manageable. 

If you need some professional advice with combating frizz and getting your hair back into shape, our expert hair stylists at Salon-M will assess your hair and suggest the best hair straightening treatment for you. Simply give us a call on 0151 638 0411 or pop into our Wallasey hair salon.

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Yuko Hair Straightening System at Salon-M

hair smoothing salon m the wirralWe understand that taming your unruly, frizzy hair can be frustrating and time consuming, that’s why we are simply loving the Yuko Professional Hair Straightening System at Salon-M.  Also known as thermal reconditioning this permanent hair straightening treatment is only available at salons trained specifically in the Yuko Method, and is suitable for nearly all hair types!

YUKO Japanese Straightening is a chemical hair straightening treatment similar to a ‘Brazilian blow dry’ or keratin treatment where the hair is permanently straightened with a special solution. With this amazing system, you can expect sleek, glossy and straight hair for at least 12 months between treatments – with your hair becoming increasingly more manageable over time. 

Inoar Moroccan keratin treatment at top Wallasey hair salon

Beautiful, smooth glossy hair can now be yours thanks to the revolutionary Inoar Moroccan Keratin Smoothing System. Reduce volume, curl and frizz in your hair by up to 95% without compromising the health of your hair.

A special blend of enriched ingredients including White Clay and Cocoa Oil work to condition and reduce frizz in your hair for a sleek smooth finish. On average you can expect results to last up to an incredible three months.

Brazilian blow dry hair smoothing

hair smoothing salon m the wirralThe hottest trend to sweep through salons across the world, the amazing Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment is available at Salon-M, Wallasey. The Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment is an innovative process that originated in Brazil, transforming your hair into the smooth, shiny and manageable hair you have always wanted – instantly. Favoured by celebrities all over the world, the benefits and results of this treatment are truly phenomenal.

The Brazilian Blow Dry process eliminates any unwanted frizz and softens your unruly, dull hair, as well as visibly improving its shine and resilience to humidity, sweat and rain.

You will notice that, as well as the instant results from your first treatment, your hair will become easier to style and care for, and a blow-dry at home becomes effortless. Phew!

Book your hair smoothing treatment at Salon-M in Wallasey, The Wirral

We have a talented team waiting to create the hair style for you at Salon- M hairdressing in Wallasey, The Wirral.  We can also recommend the best products for your hair type -simply give us a call on 0151 638 0411 to book your appointment.

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