Balayage Packages

Balayage Hair Colour Packages At Salon-M Hair Salon, Wallasey, The Wirral

Not sure what balayage hair colouring technique is right for you? Our hair colour experts have compiled a handy guide to explain the difference between the various hair colour looks, length of time they take and estimated cost to ensure you leave the salon with a hair colour you love.

When it comes to hair colour; our team knows no bounds! Our clients recommend us as a top hair salon in Wallasey, Wirral for hair colour. We specialise in bespoke balayage hair colours, balayage for brunettes, blonde balayage and bold red balayage using the latest techniques. Read more about the top balayage hair colours at Salon-M here

Read on to find out more about the balayage and express balayage services available at Salon- M hair salon in Wallasey and get a bespoke look that will be perfect for you. Call our friendly reception team on 0151 638 0411 to book your balayage hair colour package at Salon-M.

Please note: We are a colour responsible salon. An AAT/skin sensitivity test must be carried out at least 48 hours before any colour that will touch the scalp to protect you from a reaction to the colour. Read full details here

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The Wirral

All our Balayage Deals include:

Bond Repair Treatments, Bespoke Lightening Services, Joico 4 Step Repair Treatment, Bespoke Toning Services & Cut and Blow-dry.

Face Frame Balayage at Salon M hair salon in Wallasey, Wirral

Face Frame Balayage 

£123 (Stylist)  £158 (Senior Stylist)  £181 (Director)

Less is more with hand painted balayage. Often added around the face, this balayage colouring technique offers softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights giving an effect as if your hair has been naturally lightened in the sun.

Your stylist will lighten your natural hair colour, using a freehand technique, or a mixture of foils and freehand in our Hybrid technique, for a bespoke look that will freshen & brighten your look.

This will brightness around the front hairline whilst only give a couple of shades of difference from your own colour through the rear to give a natural sunlightened finish. Don’t expect a radical change but more of a gradual, gradient of colour. 

Face Framing balayage hair colours at Salon M hair salon in Wallasey, Wirral

Hybrid & Hand Painted Balayage 

£143 (Stylist)  £175 (Senior Stylist)  £198 (Director)

Also known as face framing balayage, your top triangle of hair and front hairline are coloured. Our signature Hybrid balayage technique blends a mixture of foil highlights with a softer more natural hand painted technique through the back of the head which blends seamlessly with your base colour for a natural looking balayage.

This balayage package is suitable for all hair colours & is especially great for brunettes who don’t want to be too blonde but want to feel and look noticeably brighter. Hand painted balayage places emphasis on a lighter effect throughout the front hairline, gently blending to create a natural transition between shades. 

Classic Balayage hair colour packages at Salon M Wallasey

Classic Balayage 

£145 (Stylist)  £195 (Senior Stylist)  £218 (Director)

This is a great technique if you’re after balayage look with plenty of lightness mixed with your own natural hair colour.

Created by lightening the perfect amount of your hair, to create a stunning sun kissed look. We can tailor our balayage hair colouring techniques to get a colour that is individual to you – whether it be soft, subtle, strong or bold.

 Your expert Salon-M colourist will use a mixture of foiling, teasylights and hand painted balayage highlights to personalise this look to suit your taste. 

Hand Painted Balayage at Salon M hair salon in Wallasey, Wirral

Super Blonde Balayage

  £250 (Senior Stylist)  £288(Director)

Our colour specialists are highly trained and up-to-date with the latest techniques. AirTouch Balayage is where your colour technician uses a hairdryer to push the shorter and internal hair layers down and out of the way so that colour can be applied on the remaining surface hair.

Babylights are tiny weaves of hair, in every section of your hair to give you the brightest blonde without moving to a full head bleach.

Either or both of these techniques can be used to give you this ultimate blonde look but this technique takes a lot of time. Bring a book and a sandwich and prepare to spend most of the day with us.

The result is beautifully blended, natural-looking blonde that grows out perfectly without any harsh regrowth lines.

Super Blonde Correction

£298 (Senior Stylist)   £343 ( Director)

Using similar techniques as above but adding strategic superfine darker sections to break up a previous bad colour experience 

*Please note; this technique is one of our lengthier balayage services. 

Face Framing balayage hair colours at Salon M hair salon in Wallasey, Wirral

Vivid Balayage 

£187.5 (Stylist)   £235 (Senior Stylist)   £263 (Director)

If bold, bright & vivid is more your style than our Vivid balayage package is for you. We can make this a wild and wonderful as you like!

We have a wide range of hair colours to choose from including pillar box red, red copper tones, rose gold to bold pastel colours and bright fashion hues. It’s important to note that vibrant coloured balayage will require regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh.

Not scared to commit? We can add Elumen Super Bright permanent hair colour to your colour mix which will ensure a super bright result that will have much less fade.

Vivid Elumen Balayage

£288 (stylist)   £325 (Senior Stylist)   £358 (director)

*It’s important to note that if you opt for this service the colour can NOT be easily removed from the hair*.  

Classic Balayage hair colour packages at Salon M Wallasey

Sparkle -  Balayage Maintenance 

£57.50 (Stylist)  £72.00 (Senior Stylist)  £97.50 (Director)

Root & Sparkle - Balayage Maintenance

£82.50 (Stylist)  £104.00 (Senior Stylist)  £122.00 (Director)

Keep your balayage hair colour looking gorgeous with our balayage maintenance colour services. Refresh your colour with a toner & maybe add a root tint for grey coverage. A toner is a great tool for neutralising unwanted yellow or orange brassy tones from blonde hair or brightening up an existing shade. 

A toner is a Demi-permanent colour that can neutralise the brassy shades, while also adding shine, condition & vitality to your hair.

Salon M is a Joico Select Salon and we have many amazing shampoos, conditioners, treatments & products, that can help to add or neutralise unwanted tone in your hair & help maintain your colour between visits. Chat with your experienced Salon-M Stylist who can suggest the best products for you.

*All maintenance packages include a Joico mini hair treatment for coloured, dry or damaged hair.

balayage hair colour packages at salon m hair salon in wallasey, WirralBalayage Transformation

(Stylist) £195  (Senior Stylist) £250 (Director) £288

A transformation differs from our classic balayage technique as it is more of a corrective hair colour service. Your talented Salon - M colour technician will skillfully add extra lighter pieces throughout the hair to add depth and tone for a truly beautiful colour result.  Your balayage hair colour transformation includes:

Full Head Lightening Technique
Bond Repair 
Joico Four Step Treatment
Zone Toning
Cut & Finish

Toners are semi-permanent and will last up to 24 washes before a re-toning service is required. (See our maintenance packages for more details).