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Professional Hair Straightening Treatments at Salon-M Hair Salon in Wallasey, The Wirral

yuko hair smoothing treatments at salon m hairdressers the wirralNeed to get rid of frizzy hair? Need to repair dry, dull or damaged hair? Need help on how to manage unruly locks? Achieve sleeker, smoother more manageable hair with a Hair Smoothing Treatment at Salon-M hairdressing, The Wirral.

Trying to fight off the frizz in heat and humidity can be a frustrating hair problem, but don’t worry, we have the solution! Our team of expert hair stylists can deliver both permanent and semi-permanent methods of straightening your dry or damaged hair.

The methods of hair straightening we offer at our Wallasey salon is Yuko Straightening, and we offer 2 different anti-frizz systems – Yuko anti-frizz and the amazing Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment. 

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Yuko Hair Straightening System at Top Hair Salon, The Wirral

We are simply loving the Yuko Professional Hair Straightening System at Salon-M. This chemically based permanent hair straightening treatment is only available at salons trained specifically in the Yuko Method and is suitable for nearly all hair types including tight curls, loose curls, wavy hair, and damaged hair. 

With this amazing system, you can expect sleek, glossy and straight hair for at least 12 months between treatments – with your hair becoming increasingly more manageable over time. 

Get Smooth, Silky Frizz-Free Hair

yuko hair smoothing treatments at salon m hairdressers the wirralA question we get asked in our Wirral hair salon is, ‘why choose Yuko hair straightening?’ The answer is simple – unlike other brands, Yuko works to repair and restore the condition of dry, damaged hair.

This incredible hair smoothing treatment contains deep conditioning proteins of Keratin and silk, so what you essentially get is a two in one treatment. Hair is left permanently straight and the conditioning hair treatment works to leave hair super soft and silky smooth.

Step 1: Your Salon-M stylist washes your hair, then applies a pH balanced spray – preparing your hair to accept the “Yuko straightening’ solution. Your pre-treatment protection is applied – to prevent any potential hair damage.

Step 2: Your hair is softened and each strand ‘stretched’ by the first chemical. The Yuko Straightening solution – applied in step 1 – is washed out and your hair is rinsed thoroughly.

Step 3: Now, let the straightening begin! Your Salon-M hairdresser will section your hair and begin to straighten with straightening irons. This generally takes around 2 hours for mid-length hair.

Step 4: The second chemical sets your hair in its new, sleek, poker straight form. This is left to set for 5 minutes and is then thoroughly rinsed off.

Step 5: Your new and improved hair is now blow-dried to unveil a fabulously glossy salon finish – and this look is easily maintained at home by simply ‘washing and going’ – for up to 12 months.

DONT FORGET TO PURCHASE your Yuko Bella Shampoo and Yuko Bella Treatment for Homecare to keep your hair in tip top condition.

(Please note: Yuko Permanent Straightening Treatment is not suitable for Afro-Hair types or overly bleached hair)

Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment & Yuko Anti-Frizz Treatments at Salon-M Hairdressing The Wirral

The Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment is an innovative process that originated in Brazil, transforming your hair into the smooth, shiny and manageable hair you have always wanted – instantly. Favoured by celebrities all over the world, the benefits and results of this treatment are truly phenomenal.

The Brazilian Blow Dry process eliminates any unwanted frizz and softens your unruly, dull hair, as well as visibly improving its shine and resilience to humidity, sweat and rain.

Reduce Styling Time & Fight The Frizz

The Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment uses natural sources of Keratin (the primary protein of skin and hair) to penetrate your hair, which repairs any internal damage, as well as coating the hair to prevent any further damage. The treatment totally reconditions and replenishes, whilst enhancing its natural shine at the same time! It also reduces drying time and makes the hair much easier to manage.

How Long Will My Anti Frizz Yuko Hair Treatment Last?

The Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment is semi-permanent. Depending on your own individual hair needs, type and preferences, we recommend that you undergo the treatment every 2-4 months. You will notice that, as well as the instant results from your first treatment, your hair will become easier to style and care for, and a blow-dry at home becomes effortless. Phew!

Like most hair treatments, the amount of time it takes to have a Brazilian Blow Dry at Salon-M can vary depending on your own individual hair condition, length and thickness. It generally takes 1-2 hours.

Does Brazilian Blow Dry Straighten Your Hair?

NO – Brazilian Blow Dry – DOES NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR. However – the Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment is fantastically versatile. If you have curly hair and are wanting to simply enhance your natural waves rather than straighten, the treatment can be used to repair damage and protect – whilst still maintaining your luscious curls.

Book Your Yuko Treatment at Salon-M Hairdressing, The Wirral

You can be confident that we have the skills and experience to leave you looking and feeling fabulous with beautiful, smooth and sleek hair.

A hair smoothing or straightening treatment can transform how you look and feel, so, book an appointment at our Wallasey Hair Salon today by calling 0151 638 0411.

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If you’re looking for a good local hair salon in Wallasey then visit the expert team at Salon-M. Our clients often leave us five-star salon reviews and tell us we are their number one hair salon on The Wirral for hair smoothing, hair cuts and colouring services.

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Margie Thomas
A big thank you to Chris and Iain for my Yuko long lasting treatment,arrived with hair like straw and left with lovely silky smooth healthy hair! Thanks again guys i'm made up with it,would recommend it to anyone with problem hair.