K18 Molecular Hair Repair Treatment

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K18 Molucular Hair Repair.

Its finally here…

We have been waiting for the release of this new bond repair technology for nearly 2 years and now its available in the uk at Salon-M.

5 years ago we accepted bond builders into our hearts when the amazing Olaplaex was released. It was a game changer in our industry helping to support keratin bonds within the hair that are usually broken during colouring, but especially bleaching services.

The only problem we found with Olaplex is that its effects aren’t long lasting and without using the correct homecare the effects are removed by cheaper supermarket brands.

Another issue was time. Processing olaplex was around 20 minutes per service in the salon which on a bigger colour service like a balayage could add nearly 40 mins onto client time in the salon. K18 only requires 4 minutes to do its job – amazing.

Even better you do not have to rinse it out! Leave it in, add your styling products and away you go – super simple…


K18 is the newest phase of this bond repair technology. its effects are permanent as long as you upkeep with the K18 Molecular Repair Mask at home every 3-4 shampoo’s.

We already have glowing reviews coming in from clients who have used it and are raving about the results. You only need the tiniest amount to make a huge difference. 

  • Short hair – 1 pump of K18 Mask
  • Medium hair – 2 pumps K18 Mask
  • Long hair – 3 pumps K18 mask
  • Thick hair – add 1 extra pump

See our infographics below on how to use and you can order it online using the following link

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