Hair Cuts & Styles @ Salon-M

The Perfect Salon-M Hair Cuts & Styles.

At our Wirral hairdressers our team of dedicated, creative and highly skilled stylists are waiting to create the perfect Hair Cuts & Styles for you!  We all know the power of good Hair Cuts & Styles – they will leave you feeling a million dollars and really complete your overall look and style.  We feel honoured that our valued clients put their trust in our expert hands when it comes to hair cuts and styles and so we take this task very seriously.  At Salon-M we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the latest hair trends and fashions and ensure you walk out of our salon feeling fantastic – every time.

The very first step in creating the best Hair cuts & Styles for you is to see you for a one on one consultation.  This free consultation is very informal and allows your expert hair stylist to find out about the kind of hairstyle you require and also offer advice on what they feel would suit you as an individual, taking into account your face shape, hair type and lifestyle you lead.

Ladies Hair Cuts and Styles at Salon-M

There are infinite possibilities with hair cuts & styles and whether you require something short, mid length or long the team at Salon-M will be able to advise about Hair Cuts & Styles that are perfectly tailored for you.

Short Hair Cuts & Styles

Short crops, bobs and pixie cuts require precision cutting techniques and regular maintenance.  You can be assured that at Salon-M all our hair stylists are trained to the highest standards so impeccable precision cutting techniques are delivered as standard with all our Hair Cuts & Styles.

Mid Length Hair Cuts & Styles

Mid length or medium length hair cuts and styles are versatile and incredibly manageable.  Whether worn poker straight or styled with waves, curls and volume, the mid length Hair Cuts & Styles look good on anyone.  Create the illusion of more length with layers and add texture and width through styling.

Long Hair Cuts & Styles

The trend for long hair and long Hair Cuts & Styles continues to remain strong.  Ultra feminine and romantic, long hair can be styled in so many ways.  Big bouncy curls, textured beachy waves, sophisticated updos, braids, plaits and weaves – the possibilities with long hair are endless.  To maintain the look and health of long hair, regular trims and maintenance are advised with minimal heat styling, colouring and sun exposure to avoid dryness and breakage.  You could of course fake long hair with Salon-M’s extensive hair extension collection.

Men’s Hair Cuts and Styles at Salon-M

Cutting and styling Men’s hair has been the lifeblood of Salon-M since XXX.  All our Barbers are highly skilled and trained to the highest level.  Traditional Barbering techniques along with the latest fashion cutting and styling techniques are all catered for at Salon-M.  We are creative, cutting edge and the best in colouring men’s hair.

Children’s Hair Cuts & Styles

Putting the care of your little one’s hair into someone else’s hands can be a daunting task. At Salon-M, you can rest assured that our team of stylists and barbers are well experienced in cutting children’s hair from toddler to teens.  We will guide both children and parents through the process and ensure their visit to Salon-M is fun, relaxing and exciting

So come to Salon-M for the best Hair Cuts & Styles at our hair salon on the Wirral.