Meet the Team

Our Salon Team

Meet Iain, Salon Owner Of Salon-M… IainIain is the Owner of the fabulous Salon-M, Wirral Salon and has 31 years experience within the hairdressing industry. He loves hairdressing and loves his Sunday afternoons out (with a cheeky cocktail no doubt!). Iain has had his own salons for nearly 15 years and really enjoys being the creator of this “fabulously talented and hard working gang of nutcases that is the Salon-M family” (awww we do love our boss).  Iain has a tattoo on his wrist which is an old Chinese proverb that translates to ’Hard Work Brings Great Rewards’, either that or Chicken Foo Yung!  Iain also has size 9 feet.
Meet Helen, Senior Stylist at Salon-M… HelenHelen has over 16 years experience.  She loves her two beautiful sons and loves crisp butty Thursdays.  Helen had her own salon when she was 20 years old.  Before being a hairdresser she was going into the army (we’re glad she changed her mind)!  Helen has had grey streaks in her hair since she was just 11 years old and has size 6 feet.
Meet Josie, Receptionist at Salon-M… joseJosie has been at Salon-M for over 5 years ‘I love my work, love the people I work for and with. It’s rare to find a job where you are encouraged to chat!’. She also said that she loves her life and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and lives to work! When you phone or come into Salon-M you will most likely be greeted by our wonderful Josie who is always happy and smiling. Josie is a shoe size 3!