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At our hair salon in Wallasey, we provide a diverse range of hair colour services for men, ladies professional hair colour and also fashion hair colours for teenagers and adults.

Whether you’re hoping to get rid of unwanted grey hair or be daring and bold with coloured streaks or lowlights, or perhaps a total revamp with a fresh hair colour; we can help find the best salon hair colour for you at our Wallasey hairdressers.


Hair colour is a specialised skill. At Salon-M, Wallasey we invest heavily into training our hairdressing team to be the very best hair colour technicians on the Wirral.

Hair colour is a personal service, unique to the individual. So we will discuss your hair colour needs with you to enable us to tailor our techniques and services that will best complement your personal style, personality and lifestyle.

brunette hair colourFull Hair Colour Change & Regrowth / Root Touch Ups

Fancy a change? Hair colour trends are frequently changing thanks to new fashions, celebrity hair colours and new hair colour techniques, so keep up to date thanks to the team at Salon-M, Wallasey.

A brand new hair colour, selected with the help and expertise of your professional hairdressercan help to brighten your complexion, bring out the colour of your eyes and add more depth to your natural hair colour.  At Mac and Mohawk Wallasey, we are hair colour experts and will be able to recreate a more natural, multi tonal hair colour or something more colourful, dramatic and unique.  We will work with you to help you decide on the perfect hair colour.

Hair colour change: whether you want to dye your hair with a permanent hair colour, colour your hair with a semi permanent hair colour or use a hair colour tint, our hair colour technicians are fully trained in hair colour application to ensure a full, even coverage.

Regrowth/Roots: hair colour can grow out quickly leaving a colour difference between the root of your head and your dyed hair colour. Add colour depth and shine to your previous full head colour by retouching your roots on average every 6-8 weeks to ensure that your hair colour remains in optimum condition.

colour correction problemsHair Colour Correction – Hair Colour Problems

Our professional hairdressing team are more than capable of dealing with any hair colour issues that you have such as hair colour correction.

Correcting hair colour disasters: if you have had a hair dye disaster, don’t panic! The team at Salon-M have extensive experience in salvaging hair colour and correcting hair dye mistakes that can prove upsetting and stressful.  There are various ways of correcting your hair colour, but each client will be different and will require a thorough assessment and consultation.  For example, there may be areas of the hair that are more dry and porous or bands of hair colour that have overlapped which will need more attention than other areas of the hair.  We aim to correct many different types of hair colour problems and restore the hair colour and hair condition.  We approach all hair colour problems with a sympathetic ear and understanding, striving to get you ‘hair happy’ as you leave our Wallasey hairdressing salon.

Fixing imbalances or shade problems: some everyday hair colour problems are often unnoticed or overlooked by our clients.  You may not realise that your highlights are too orange in colour for your skin tone or dark bands of over applied tint have formed.  Our professional eye will be able to assess your current hair colour during your initial consultation and advise on a hair colour correction process bespoke to you.  We will be able to steer you towards a new hair colour that will work best for you, your skin tone and your lifestyle.


highlights-hair-colourFoil highlights and lowlights – the best technique for varied tone

Foils : (hi-lites / highlights) the individual foils come in wide variety of colours, tones and shades and are placed one at time in the hair to give a unique finish.

Full foils: can be woven or sliced and create an all over highlighted effect in the hair. They can be natural or as crazy as your imagination.

Partial foils : They refer to anything less than a full head of foils and generally mean they’re placed on the part-line, front hairline and the crown. They’re very versatile and can be sliced, woven or placed in sections of hair colour wherever you desire. They’re wonderful for brightening up your existing colour and giving you a refreshed look. With up to 8 foils placed in various areas of the hair, they’re ideal if you would like to experience having hair colour or as an accent in an area of your hair for example, a fringe.

Framing: foils are placed around the face for a brightening effect or for dramatic effect to emphasise a hair cut.

Lowlights: lowlights offer variation. Similar to highlights however lowlights remove hair colour to add depth and tone to washed out ends or simply adding darker strands.

Fashion Hair Colour trends

ombre bayalage-hair colourThe world of hair colour has many passing fads, short term trends or fashions that last the test of time. A hair colour fashion that seems to be here to stay is the Ombre hair colour trend.

Also called Bayalage, dip dye or two-tone hair colour – these hair colouring techniques all share a common theme – freestyle hair colouring that is more relaxed, youthful and natural than the old-style highlights or block colour.

We are experts in Bayalage and Ombre – so check out our recent story about the hottest trend in hair fashion – Ombre and Bayalage hair colour.

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It’s our aim to be the best hair colour salon in the Wirral that gives you the exact finish that you want, so you step out of the salon feeling and looking magnificent!

We strive to ensure that our hair colour experts understand our clients vision enabling a perfect finished result. We believe our relaxed approach combined with our highly skilled team will leave you feeling more than satisfied with your salon hair colour.