Hair Extensions at Mac & Mohawk

Hair Extensions – are they slowing in popularity?

Nah! Of course not!

HAIR EXTENSIONS GROUPAs we move into 2014, hair extensions at Mac & Mohawk Hair Salon in Wallasey show no sign of losing popularity! Hair extensions are still one of the most popular services we offer at Mac & Mohawk hairdressers in Wallasey. With over 15 years experience in hair extensions, we know the right type of hair, the best hair extensions fixing method and the right length and colour for you, your budget and the look you’re trying to create.

With hair extensions such an integral part of Mac & Mohawk – hair extensions specialists in Wallasey, we are introducing a designated hair extensions area in our new salon. Click here for more.

So many celebrities, models and photographers use Hair Extensions every day – we feel it is a great service to offer to our clients too.

What are the benefits of hair extensions at Mac & Mohawk Wallasey?

  • hair extensions can add length to your natural hairbrazilianblowdrystraighteningmackandmohawk
  • hair extensions can add thickness – great for fine or thinning hair to bulk out particularly fine areas
  • hair extensions can add colour (great for the new dip-dyed, two tone hair colour trend – ombré) such as highlighting or adding sectional colour – without having to colour your own hair.

Hair extension systems and fixing methods at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey


There are several different methods for attaching Hair Extensions but at Mac & Mohawk we feel that quality and Damage Free Systems are where we feel most comfortable – therefore the following systems are what we offer to you, our valued customer.

Hair Extensions – Bonded – Fusion – Glue in.

We started applying Bonded Hair Extensions over 15 years ago with the use of the Racoon Hair Extension system. Bonded Hair Extensions also known as Fusion Hair Extensions or Glue In Hair Extensions – are the most natural looking and long lasting type of Hair Extension system that we have found. Most of the clients who opt for hair extensions at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey choose bonded hair extensions as it always looks fabulous and looks the most realistic and natural.

This type of bonded hair extension application usually takes around 4 hours for a full head or a maintenance visit so make sure you can commit to the time these fabulous Hair Extensions take. They are completely gorgeous and well worth the time and money.

At Mac & Mohawk we like to move with the times and as things change we like to change with any new hair trends. We now also offer a system using Dreamgirl hair which is still great quality at an affordable cost (from £250).

Hair Extensions – Micro Wefts – Micro Ring.


A new sytem of Hair ExtensionsMicro Ring and Micro Weft has recently become very popular. We feel they are a better alternative to the widely used Hair Extension WeaveWeave In Hair Extensions or Braided Hair Extension system.

Benefits of Micro Ring and Micro Weft Hair Extensions at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey

  • No bulk at the scalp area
  • No damaging braiding of the hair
  • Quick maintenance (1 hour)
  • Quick application (1-2 hours)
  • Cheaper alternative to bonding (starting from only £90 including hair – and from £10 to tighten and £50 for a full refit).


Hair Extensions – BEWARE!!!

Photo 26-02-2013 08 27 52There are no such thing as bad Hair Extensions – but there is such a thing as a BAD HAIR EXTENSION TECHNICIAN.

Remember that price usually reflects experience – therefore cheap hair extensions usually mean a BAD TECHNICIAN – or even worse somebody who is not even a hairdresser – with little or no experience or understanding – who is offering cheap Hair Extensions in your area.


This can lead to tension alopecia or bald patches – where Hair Extensions haven’t been applied properly or with due care. Also you will generally find with these inexperienced technicians that if you start having problems that they will not know how to advise you or suddenly disappear. We hear of this all the time as we are constantly correcting bad hair extensions.

Hair Extensions – Do’s & Dont’s.

Do use the correct products

We don’t advise lightly about using the correct hair care products when you have spent good money having hair extensions fitted. The correct products for hair extensions will keep them soft and manageable and looking amazing – but using cheap alternatives can make them dry and unmanageable and can also lead to slippage and particularly with bonded Hair Extensions – can lead to bonds dissolving.

 Do listen to the advice that we give you.

We offer our advice to you after gaining decades of experience with hair extensions, ongoing continuous high quality training and having fitted hair extensions for hundreds of happy clients. The advice we give you on after care, products and maintenance is not designed to be a sales pitch to you. We want you to be 100% happy with your hair. We want you to swish it at all of your friends and family and we want you to be a continued customer who’s hair extensions last as long as possible. If you don’t listen to the advice we give, we cannot (and in some cases will not) be held responsible for the condition of your hair extensions

Don’t ignore any problems.

If you have any problems at all call back to the salon immediately to have a hair extensions technician help you. Believe it or not we have dealt with ladies in the past who have completely ignored advice or have had ladies who have had hair extensions fitted elsewhere – that have resulted in major MATTING of the hair extensions and have had to unfortunately have them CUT OUT just because they chose not to follow simple aftercare advice.

Hair Extension – Consultation, Pricing & Deposits.

Hair Extension Consultation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADue to the many various Do’s and Dont’s, differing client hair types, thicknesses, colours and lengths it is impossible to give true and fair pricing or advice over the phone. We urge you to come in and let us see you hair and advise you as to what the best system is to cover your requirements and your budget.  We have worked hard researching quality hair and the best fixing methods to be able to deliver the most cost effective hair extensions in Wirral. We believe that our prices coupled with exceptional service, expertise and aftercare are the most competitive in the area.

The hair extensions consultation process is the time when you can ask as many questions as you like about any Hair Extension system at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey.

Hair Extension Consultations are completely free so book now for your amazing new look.

Hair Extension Pricing

Hair Extension Pricing will obviously depend upon many factors including;

  • Length of hair extensions required
  • Hair extension fixing method system to be used
  • Hair extension colours available
  • Time taken to apply hair extensions

Please understand that the CHEAPER Hair Extension options that are available are not necessarily the better option and we offer different systems to help with differing budgets.

Hair Extension Deposits

Due to the extended nature of appointments (usually from 2-4 hours) all clients must pay an upfront deposit of 50%.

We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel any appointment made (to allow us to fill the appointment gap that any change or cancellation will create) otherwise this deposit becomes non-refundable.

Hair Extensions at Mac & Mohawk, Wallasey

So, now that your armed with as much knowledge as we can possibly give you about hair extensions without seeing you face to face, all you need to do is BOOK A CONSULTATION.

CALL our hairdressing salon in Wallasey on 0151 638 0411 now for your amazing new look