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New Colourstart Passport – Once a year skin test is here…

Skin testing for salons has become such a headache over the last few years but sadly it’s so important as as insurance companies are now so strict on what they will and won’t accept.

At Salon-M, we are constantly updating our policies and procedures around this issue.

We will still be offering a FREE – in house Allergy Alert test (skin test) but we now feel that the safest way to perform skin testing is to follow this new Colour passport Scheme.

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How does it work?

Download the Colourstart passport app using this link…

Once downloaded – join up!!!

When you have received your Colourstart skin test, download the patient information leaflet and follow the instructions…

Once you have applied you skin testing patch then upload the details onto the Colour Passport App. 

You will need the SERIAL NUMBER from the packet…

Ensure you insert Salon-M as your salon of choice… and then that’s it!

Every time you need to come for a colour just go into the app and fill in the form to see whether Colour Passport requires you to perform a new test. If not great we will be able to see their recommendation and we can book you in. If it tells you to retest, you will be required to purchase a new test.

A list of reasons why you might have to retest are included on the passport site once you sign up.

We encourage all clients to read all information when signing up for Colourstart Colour Passport…

If you have any issues applying the test or uploading your date please call Colourstart directly on 03303905888.


£15 per test or retest and they are available from us in salon (or order using the link below for £17.00 inc p&p). You might think that expensive but your only other choice will be to attend the salon 48 hrs before every colour.

The MRHA, the government body that is responsible for the safety of all vaccines and medicines in the UK are giving full support to this scheme and have endorsed it as the safest method of skin testing in the UK. Skin testing in salons can often cause reactions applied too frequently. We have changed the way we will be skin testing in salon to follow their latest guidelines for safety, if you do require an in-salon test.

Medically from a government department this is the safest way to skin test in the UK.


Q: Why is hypersensitivity to hair dye only becoming an issue now?

A: There has been a dramatic increase in hypersensitivity in recent years – increased incidence, increased severity and increased complexity. Within the hairdressing industry, this is compounded with an increasing trend towards the use of darker hair colours.

Q: I’ve been colouring my hair for many years and have never had a reaction to hair dye. Why should I start testing now?

A: Every day, we witness how you can become hypersensitive to new things. Some people develop hay fever one year or find they become allergic to latex gloves. The same is true for hair dye. You can become sensitive at any time in your life.

Q: I’m taking medication. Will this affect the result?

A: Medication may vary your reaction to hair dyes. Some will make you hypersensitive; others may suppress your existing hypersensitivity.

*Please see Colourstart information to check your medication*

Q: Why do I need to test at least 48 hours before the application of a hair dye?

A: In certain circumstances, the most severe form of hypersensitivity is a cell-mediated reaction that takes at least 48 hours to occur.

Skin Testing For Bleach Scalp Application 


Every person has a different tolerance or sensitivity to Scalp Bleaching. Factors such as skin type (oily/dry etc), ambient room temperature and skin temperature on different parts of the scalp are all factors on how bleach works.

It is normal to feel an Itching or tingling feeling – even a mild burning sensation when the bleach is first applied.

Try not to wash your hair on the day of application as this seems to help and if you do feel any major increase in levels of discomfort due to the Bleaching Process please inform your stylist IMMEDIATELY.

If you don’t inform your stylist of this BURNING increasing to an uncomfortable level – this can result in a CHEMICAL BURN to your scalp.

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For further information please call the salon on 0151 6380411